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Imagine being paid for each click automatically. Imagine earning 30 cents, 50 cents, or even $1 every time you receive a click. These small amounts compound up rapidly, and you could be earning anywhere from $400 to $1,000 in passive income in the next five to seven days. It all starts with this video because I’m going to teach you precisely how to sign up for a free and worldwide account, and start making the first 400 to 600 dollars after watching this video. Make sure you don’t miss out on this important strategy towards the end of the video, and on top of that, anyone from anywhere in the world may join, and you can start making money in minutes. Once you’ve made your money, you can cash out into your PayPal account. How and when will I get paid? We’ll pay our affiliates using PayPal, and all profits will be paid at the end of each month for the preceding month, in US dollars. All you have to do is enter

your PayPal email address into your account, and they’ll send you all your payments. Now, let’s get into the video. is the name of this website. It is quite comparable to Google, which is a search engine. Now, I know that many of you are aware of Google. You can search all of the information right here on Google by simply inputting whatever terms you wish to look for, and the same is true for They are a search engine that works similarly to Google in that you can type in any keywords that you want right here in the search box. For example, tell me how to make money, and then click the search button, and they will show you all of the search results for all of the articles, blog posts, and videos, or you can simply click on different images to look up different things that you want to search for. It’s similar to Google, but they’re new, and they’ll pay you for every single click you make. The reason they’ll pay you up to 30 cents for every single click you generate is so that they can encourage more people to use the Entire Web instead of Google. You could be the one to become an affiliate for the Entire Web,

promoting this free search engine and encouraging more people to use it. For every single click, every single time people use the search or visit any images on a website, you can make 30 cents over and over. That’s amazing since you don’t have to sell anything or advertise anything; all you have to do is convince people to use this free search engine instead of Google and you’ll get paid per click. Make sure you watch to the end because I’ll show you a special bonus to earn five times more money, as well as another extra website that will bring you automatic clicks again and again with no effort on your part. To become an affiliate for Entire Web, we must first sign up for a free account. To do so, simply click on the create account button, which will take you to this page. You can simply fill up your personal information, such as your username, first name, and country of residence. Note that they welcome individuals from all over the world. Before we go any deeper, I’ll give you some time to subscribe to the channel and give it big thumbs up if you’ve loved the video thus far. And if you found this video interesting and informative, please leave a comment below. Let’s go back to the video. As you can see, the payout method on this website is PayPal, so once you fill out all of the details, just click this to

agree to the terms and conditions and sign up for a free account, and then you can start promoting the Entire Web search engine to everyone on the internet and getting clicks on autopilot. That’s exactly how individuals from all around the world can earn money for every single click they make right now. As I promise I’ll show you another extra website where you can get clicks automatically. Now, I’d like you to go to, where you may freely advertise whatever link you want to promote, and again, this is completely free with no investment required, and it’s available worldwide. All you have to do is click on this button to get started right now and receive a free five dollar sign up bonus, and it will take you to this page on the Herculist plus where you can create a free account by entering your first name, last name, username, and password, as well as your email address, and agreeing to the terms of service. You can also click on this “I’m not the robot” and create a new account. From there, you’ll be sent to a page where you can choose between free and paid membership options. Don’t worry, we don’t have to pay anything; all you have to do is pick the free membership option by scrolling down below and clicking on this button to continue for free. As you can see, I’m logged into my account,

and right now what I want to do is click on this button you can see here where you can submit an email on a web advertisement, just click on that, and it’ll take you to this page where you can submit your advertisement for free on this website. Right now I want you to scroll down below and look for this “Regular Mailer” where we can simply put in a headline, a URL link, and the ad body. From there, let’s start with the subject headlines of your email advertisement; you’re going to put in a new search engine that replaces Google, which is Entire Web. That’s the headline of our email, and this website will automatically help us send emails to thousands of people, and you don’t need any money to do it; all you need is a free membership. Once you’ve added a headline and a subject line to your email, you’ll add a test URL link, which is your affiliate link. Every time someone clicks on your link, they’ll go to’s search engine, and every time they search for something, click on the search button, click on any link on the website, any videos, or any images, you’ll be paid 30 cents per click. This is a very good method to advertise any link you want to promote, so for the ad body, the actual text you want to enter is something like ‘click on the link above to try out this brand new search engine that works much better than Google itself? You can try it out yourself to find more!” Now, to encourage more people to try out this link, you should include the words “free” right

there because people are more likely to try out something that is free and does not require any investment. We can send out this email ad to thousands of people on, and a large portion of those people will eventually click on this link. Because this is free, a lot of people will check it out, and if they search for something and click on any of the websites that you helped them find, you’ll be paid 30 cents every time they click, and that’s the entire concept. And that’s it. If you love similar content like this, take a look at my other videos and if you like it, please smash the like button and make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. If you have further questions feel free to comment down below! See you in the next video!

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