A New Way Of Making Money While Shopping Online…

In this video, I will share with you an online  shopping platform that created a new way of   shopping called Rushing, which allows every  customer to buy most value-for-money products   and to make money when they don’t get the product  after checkout. Here is Pshopfree! What exactly   is Pshopfree? Well, it is an e-commerce platform  which aims to help people save money on purchasing   high-value and quality product. Pshopfree 

introduced a new shopping mode called Rushing.   Rushing is pretty simple. If you  wanna buy a product in Pshopfree.com,   you can get a 12% off discount by clicking  the Rushing button on the checkout page.   Doing so, you can either receive the product  you purchased, or receive a cash reward instead,   which is equivalent to the amount you  paid plus a bonus given by Pshopfree.  As you can see here, when you don’t get this  product, you’ll earn $156.74 as a cash reward,   which is equivalent to the amount you  paid of $130.62 plus a bonus of $26.12.   After this, you can choose to rush  again as many times as you want.   The best part is you can buy this product for  absolutely free by just using your cash bonuses.  The cash reward will be credited  directly to your Pshopfree wallet. 

  Each result has a 50-50 chance, but one thing’s  for sure, either way, it’s a win-win situation.  If you got the result with the product, Pshopfree  will ship the product as soon as possible.   On the other hand, if you got the result  with the cash reward, you can use the   cash reward instead to purchase any products on  Pshopfree.com. Or, you can withdraw it from your   Pshopfree wallet without any additional fees. To do so, click on My Account right up here,   and then click on Wallet. After that,  click on Wallet Withdrawal Request,   then just enter the amount you want to withdraw,  and more importantly, enter your PayPal account,   then just click on Request Withdrawal. Now, where does the Rushing idea come from? Well,   when the owner studied in the US, he really wanna  buy an Air Jordan 6. On the release day, he got up   very early. Then, on the Footlocker website, he  clicked the “pre-order” button a million times.   In the end, he didn’t get the shoes. Therefore,  he came up with an idea. Why not give incentives   to customers who

didn’t get the product.  And that’s where Rushing all started.  Now, you might ask, how come Pshopfree can give  big discounts and bonuses to their customers.   Well, Pshopfree transacts with the product  manufacturers directly. Meaning no middleman   was involved. Moreover, Pshopfree is different  from other traditional e-commerce platforms,   in the sense that traditional e-commerce platforms  spend huge budget with their advertisements.   However, Pshopfree utilizes the budget to benefit  their customers, that’s why they don’t have enough   exposure. So if you wanna try Rushing,

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