How To Start Trading Stocks As A Complete Beginner

hey what’s going on my name is ricky i’m a trader in the stock market and i want to first off just congratulate you for taking the first step and learning more about the stock market and i do agree with you it does seem very daunting the stock market has a lot to offer and a lot of information to kind of take in and i hope that within the next three videos i do my part in making it just a little bit easier for you to understand to see if this is something that you actually want to pursue first things first i want to share with you

the reason why the reason why i think that everyone should learn more about trading in the stock market i’ve taken the concepts at a very early age that i’ve gathered within the years of the ins and the outs of how to manage and mitigate risk how to take advantage of opportunities that i’ve learned from the stock market but i’ve been able to implement it into other markets such as real estate e-commerce i’m a big car guy and the buying and selling of cars it just i see the concepts that someone learns within the stock market to be a universal concept that is very very beneficial so if this has ever been a market that you’ve been wanting to learn more about i think it’s time for you to jump on it and with that being said how expensive and or how much money do you need to start trading that’s a question that everyone’s going to ask and it’s a

question that you need to be answered right one thing that i need you to know is that you can actually start learning how to trade in the stock market and again keyword learning for free right and it’s like okay well what do you mean by that there’s a thing called paper trading the link will be down in the description for you and it is a free resource in which you can open up an account just like you see here through weeble download the weeble app and actually set up a free paper trading account so it allows you to practice all the concepts that you are learning from my videos and really put them to the test so instead of trying to decide hey should i start out with a hundred dollars a thousand dollars ten thousand dollars i don’t care how much

money you have i don’t care i think it’s so important that if you’re truly trying to focus on the learning part then prove it to yourself by being able to have access to this paper trading platform everything from mistakes everything from understanding how to take advantage of an opportunity this is the time to test and challenge yourself because it’s not costing you anything other than your time so when you’re learning how to buy a stock you can do it with a paper trading account when you’re trying to learn how to lock in profits or manage or mitigate risk you can do it with a paper trading account and i do agree with you well with paper trading it’s simulation trading so it’s fake money but it really allows you it really gives the the learner the the aspiring trader you to really double down and focus on what’s important a very common mistake right i have nearly a million

subscribers on youtube we have over 300 000 members within our free private facebook group we’ve seen this time after time and a very common mistake that almost every beginner makes is they obsess about the money they obsess about the profit they’re not focused on learning because they’re so obsessive in other areas so they don’t focus on when does it make sense to lock in profits when does it make sense to buy when does it make sense to cut losses because when you’re so emotional you become irrational and money does bring that out of you so if i can take and encourage you to take this step and hope that you don’t make the same mistake that so many others have i hope that you can at least get one step closer to your overall goal and of course that’s learning how to trade in the stock market this allows you to scan for stocks this allows you during my live trading sessions for you to be able to tune on in and literally break down

and analyze every stock that i do so you get to benefit in the same ways that i do and using this platform you’re just doing it with fake money because why because you’re focused on learning how to trade the making money part comes after so again the link is down below if you want to download the weeble trading platform and you can open up your paper trading account to get started today let me know if you guys have any questions down in the comment section

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