9 Passive Income Ideas – How I Make $357,000/Month

if i stopped working tomorrow i would still be making 357 000 per month how passive income now in this video i’m gonna be breaking down my nine passive income streams to give you some ideas of how you can do the same for yourself and i think some of these income streams might surprise you unit swap liquidity pools i am making about three hundred and twenty three dollars a month from this now there’s a site called uniswap.org what you do there is you go and find a liquidity pool you put your money in and magically i’m getting about an eighteen percent return on give or take around nineteen thousand dollars liquidity pool in its simplest form if someone has one crypto and they want to know another crypto how do they actually exchange it they go into a market and the market is like well hey we want to help exchange and so liquidity pools provide liquidity between two different tokens simplest way i’m going to talk about it today so the way you can actually get started in it i use a start called zapper.fi what you can do is that on these sites you can search

for different tokens and see what liquidity payouts they give you for providing liquidity now to be clear the higher the payout the higher the risk so if you’re doing ethereum and crypto dodge ducky coin it might be a thousand percent return like olympus dow but there’s a high risk on that kind of stuff so i am generally boring and safe so i have picked two coins which looks like the return is around 4.8 passive income stream number two youtube revenue on old videos now this shocked me we’re actually making over thirty seven hundred dollars a month on videos that we made over a year ago check it out on screen if you go to your youtube analytics check publish date every video that we made last year and then i just look in the most recent 30 days today it’s actually done 3 700 so one thing i got to call out is that wow yes we’re making 3700 a month passively we did spend around 400 000 last year on the channel to actually make all of these videos so something to think about is like what are your upfront costs relative to when the breakeven and when you start making passive income profit passive income stream number three digital products i am making 2 100 of passive income from the

stream of two products i created eight years ago product number one is a kindle book when i got fired by facebook i wrote the story called how i lost 170 million dollars boo hoo who cares but this is eight years ago and i was shocked pulling up some of the numbers that it’s actually still generating a hundred dollars a month if you want to get free access to that ebook about my time at facebook it’s like the movie social network but crazier click the link below to subscribe to our newsletter and i’ll send it to you product number two is monthly1k.com how to make a thousand dollar month business course we’re generating two thousand dollars a month still from this product that we created years ago the first year it generated a million dollars which is crazy and there’s no cost to actually selling it it was only the amount of the salaries that it took to actually create the course so would i recommend a course as passive income maybe already have an audience definitely if you can find someone with an audience definitely if you’re already getting paid to teach people definitely if you’re not any in those categories it will be a lot tougher we already had an audience we already had some expertise so it made it a lot easier to create this product and then sell it consistently over a long period of time but if you’re trying to create a course it’s going to take some time to create the material find people to buy the material and then scale that product consistently passive income stream

number four my blog and email list at okdork.com i am making 65 a month from this but this has probably been one of the most valuable passive and active income streams i’ve had in my life it’s introduced me to the most amazing people an example of this is i was able to meet tim ferriss who’s become a good friend of mine over many many years i think this is one of the easiest to start where you can get a blog on so many different sites or you can start news that are super easy but the problem is that the upside is really low i think it’s a great thing to practice getting into the internet world but i don’t think it’s where you’re gonna make massive passive income passive income stream number five invest in crypto now i am making over 7 200 a month from this and i believe this is one of the most passive investments i have so what i have done in coinbase is i’ve staked my ethereum to ethereum two and by doing that you get a 4.4 return so on about 100 ethereum which is currently around 300 000 bucks i’ve made almost 10 000 in the past year by doing nothing as well i’m doing this in a site called blockfy.com now there are a bunch of sites out there i’m not in this video going to be recommending i’m sure you could find other sources so in block 5 just by holding usdc bitcoin ethereum and other coins they just give you a return for holding them there and as you can see on the screen here just by holding usdc it looks like they’re giving a 5.5 return now the one thing that’s good about block fi and just holding it there versus coinbase is that you can actually move it around when your stuff is in ethereum too and it’s staked within coinbase you can’t touch it you can’t move it which maybe for some of you is a good thing so in block fi it’s march 23rd i’ve already made four thousand dollars of interest it looks like i’ve gotten about two eighth a month for many months i actually choose to get paid on each which as a current time of this video is around six thousand dollars per payout this is truly the most passive income you have i throw it in there and i don’t have to do anything and the returns happen now there is risk in both these things with e2 maybe it never happens and with block fight they can go out of business and i lose all the cash that i have in there passive income stream number six index funds through my index funds i am making almost ten thousand dollars a month in passive income i’ve been investing in index funds since 2004 and all i do in this is that every single month for my paycheck it goes right into the account and i buy just a larger percent and it’s increased over the years i was putting 50 of my income into this stuff and i live really cheap for many years so that is how i was able to come a millionaire by 30. passive income stream

number seven real estate i invest in real estate in a couple different ways first off is private investment these are investments that private people collect money aka syndicates and invest in by building so this is a building you can see on screen and i’ve invested over 300 thousand dollars in this and this is generally producing at least a 10 return on that cash so right now that’s about 3 500 a month a great way to find people to do this with is one ask your realtor or people who are realtors and two ask people who do mortgages or lending who they actually know that’s doing this and you’ll be able to find introductions to these people so if you’re not able to get private deals like i was just talking about there’s a site called peer streak that they have a list of different deals of different investors that you can directly go put it in now as you can see on screen here there’s a few different deals that are paying around six and a half percent return seven percent return over the year i made around six point seven percent annualized yearly return i’m making around 200 bucks a month from peerstreet.com next our appsumo office space thousand dollars a month so i bought office space and i rented out to my company this is actually what a lot of businesses do now think about mcdonald’s they’re a real estate plate not a burger place so if you are running a company or starting one it is great to become your own landlord and tenant and the last category of real estate is airbnb i’m doing over ten thousand dollars a month from two properties and one of them was a house that i just moved out of and instead of selling it turned into an airbnb hired a property manager and it’s been really fun to kind of on a monthly basis check to see that like wow 10 000 bucks a month the mortgage is pretty small so it’s a lot of profit coming in from that place passive income stream number eight build your own software this is generating over 230 000 a month in passive income what i love about software that’s why i started appsumo.com is that once you create software it does not cost you any more generally to issue it to more people so if you can figure out ways to create your own software products maybe sell them on appsumo.com i think it’s one of the best ways to create a passive income now there are two ways that we’re making this money one is lifetime deals on appsumo.com so there’s an amazing team appsumo originals there’s creative products like tidycal zenfox this is just one of them it’s doing over 27 thousand dollars a month as a lifetime deal meaning we created sendfox.com to help you send emails once and we’re selling it every single day

doing pretty significant amount of sales and hopefully making an awesome product for people out there so that is one way of doing software another way of doing software is sas so we built a product called sumo.com which is the number one email capture tool now i’ve got to emphasize how amazing this is we built this years ago we have not really updated this in two years like we do minor updates but almost nothing and it’s generated 1.62 million dollars and that is profit so if you’re thinking about a business definitely think about software and recurring revenue and if you want to promote it you can always check out appsumo.com passive income stream number nine this is a big whale starting a business so i am doing over 80 000 a month in passive income from appsumo.com when i created this company 12 years ago it took a lot of work and for the first three years i made almost zero dollars but what’s amazing about that is that through many many years of consistency and

putting in the work and finding a business model and awesome customers and hiring a team i’ve been able to create a company where whether i’m involved or not involved it’s been able to do really well for me as a passive income business i have stepped in in the past year to run the company which is not passive but the beauty of this is that i created something where i could find someone to run it which has been happening for the previous five years which was good for everyone if you ain’t got time for passive income and you want to make hustle money right now today from your phone check out this video right up here where i show you 11 side hustles where you can make 500 a day from your phone go check that out make sure to subscribe to the channel uncle noah loves you and i’ll see you out there

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