6 Businesses That Will Never Go Out of Market

you’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking  rock solid firms with a high success record   let me begin by stating that there’s no such  thing as a business that will never fail any   business that has the potential to produce a lot  of money comes with some risk in reality the risk   return trade-off is a well-known notion that  implies that the potential return rises with a   proportional increase in risk that’s why equities  have a significantly better long-term yield   than your normal bank savings account when it  comes to high yielding assets like businesses   returns may typically exceed 30 percent however  all of this is fraught with risk according to the   bureau of labor statistics around 20 percent of  new

enterprises fail during the first two years   45 within the first five years and 65  within the first 10 years of operation   but this doesn’t mean you should give up and  not start a business you see some businesses   have a considerably greater success rate than  others and it’s these kinds of businesses with   low failure rates that i will be talking about  in today’s video so give this video a thumbs   up for that youtube algorithm and subscribe if  you’re new here okay so without any further ado   let’s get into it in this practical wisdom video  i’ll be taking you through six different sorts of   businesses with low failure rates i’ll also share  statistics demonstrating these low failure rates   as well as some helpful tools getting started 

with these enterprises first of all why should   we even know of these failure rates well the  majority of new business owners and entrepreneurs   invest a significant amount of time energy and  money in starting up their companies if you’re   thinking about starting a business it’s probably  smart to choose one that has a good chance of   succeeding right perhaps you have a brilliant  business mind and can defy the odds but i always   believe that having the odds in your favor is a  good thing so the first business on the list is   vending machine business a vending machine  business is somewhat tied to success   the vending industry has a success rate of 90 most  businesses fail at an average of 85 of the time   consider how a vending machine firm differs  from a typical small business many businesses   fail because of overhead not having enough  money for advertising rent and other charges   plus finding and keeping good staff may often be  a challenge too on the other hand your vending   machines operate for you 24 hours a day seven  days a week a vending machine allowing you to   earn money even while you sleep and that’s a  fantastic method to make money a lot has changed   over the years jobs are no longer guaranteed nor 

secure if you take a look at your local newspaper   if you still read that you’ll see that a lot of  people are being affected by corporate downsizing   today job security is non-existent especially when  90 of us work for others owning your own business   is the only method to achieve your goals unlike  any other industry the vending machine industry is   unique it enables the company owner to establish a  vending machine route with little or no expertise   while also allowing them to operate from home  in an all-cash business and yes you heard that   right vending machines operate entirely on cash a  vending machine business also has advantages that   are uncommon in other sorts of enterprises such  as cash flow is immediate from the first day on   you’ll be making money business is conducted  entirely in cash no bad checks credit risks   or accounts receivable a year-round business no  seasonal fluctuations of income variable hours   with lots of time off very little overhead no rent  utilities etc work out of your own home instead of   an expensive office no employees to pay you can  start this business part-time and still keep your   regular job paycheck and benefits laundromats are  another excellent business with a very low failure   rate a recent gallup study indicated that 66 of  potential entrepreneurs are held back by fear of   business failure according to laundry lux

however  one research indicated that laundromats had a very   high success rate with around 95 percent  of laundromat succeeding after five years   again nothing in business is guaranteed  but that appears to be enticingly close   this is a fantastic recession-proof business  that can generate money regardless of the state   of the economy after all people’s garments  will constantly need to be cleaned and dried   the beauty of a laundromat is that it can be  run almost completely passively all of the heavy   work of washing and drying clothing is done by the  machines and your customers do the work of loading   and unloading the clothes of course you’ll still  have to clean the laundromat make repairs to the   machines as needed and collect the money from the  machines which is the fun part but you may employ   others to do these things for you now let’s look  at the second business real estate andrew carnegie   is famously quoted as saying ninety percent of all  millionaires become so through owning real estate   did you know that more money has been made in real  estate than in all industrial investments combined   therefore it should come as no surprise that real  estate investing has an enviable success record of  

85.3 percent why is real estate such a lucrative  venture well you’ll have monthly cash flow   your renters will pay down your mortgage for you  and your properties will go up in value over time   you have a formidable wealth generator when you  combine these advantages with the fact that you   can acquire rental homes with a loan and leverage  your earnings even more in addition if you employ   a property manager your rental property business  can be set up to create passive income but you   don’t need to hire a business to manage your  properties you still can handle all of your   properties yourself spending approximately  five to ten hours each month on each one   in my perspective that’s really passive now let’s  look at the third business the healthcare business   from pharmacies clinics dentistry and among other  services healthcare is a fast-paced sector with   several future prospects however there is little  concerns about cost complexity and

uncertainty   may make this sector unsettling but with the  right approach this is among the businesses   that will never fail whether you’re an investor  businessman entrepreneur or inventor you should   try your luckier since healthcare prospects  are set to rise enormously in the future   according to statistics gathered by policy  advice studies show that in most wealthy nations   health care consumes more than 10 percent of  gdp the same study said by the end of 2019 this   percentage for the united states will be close  to 18 percent so you can only imagine how high   it must be now this is unsurprising given that the  healthcare industry is the largest employer in the   united states in fact the united states spends  far more on healthcare than the rest of the globe   the global health industry was worth 8.45 trillion  dollars in 2018. global health care spending could   reach over 10 trillion dollars in 2022 as we can  see from current data healthcare is one of the   world’s largest and fastest growing sectors and as 

doctors and nurses are burdened with the pressure   of attending to a large number of patients during  this coven 19 pandemic people have resorted for   services from small-scale medical centers or  clinics rather than queue in general hospitals   mostly for fears of being infected with the virus  i hope you are all writing this down somewhere   now let’s look at the fourth  business the transportation business   if you start with a good business strategy you may  make a lot of money in the transportation industry   there are several prospects in this area but  you must first analyze the existing demand   depending on their geographical region  transportation also includes vital features   such as ambulances medical emergency outstation  shifting and so on furthermore traffic congestion   in numerous major cities has paved the way for  public and private transportation to co-exist   on the roadways as a result a large number of  individuals

rely substantially on transportation   in light of the foregoing the transportation  industry has experienced a dramatic surge   in demand the number of taxis ubers  and lifts on the road is increasing   it has proven to be a lucrative business and many  people consider it as a viable startup concept   it is now simpler than ever to establish a  transportation business thanks to the rise   of e-commerce the gig economy and online platforms  so what exactly is a transportation business you   may wonder well basically a transportation  business is one that transport things or   people for a charge from one location to another  a transportation business may take numerous forms   from a full-fledged long-haul trucking operation  to a simple weekend side hustle driving for uber   and everything in between and these sorts  of enterprises have a 76.4 success rate your   outcomes may vary and specific transportation  businesses may be more dangerous than others but   on average you may expect a high success rate the  agriculture business this is the fifth business on   our list because

agriculture is one of the most  important contributions to the global economy   since it feeds billions of people every day  agriculture contributed for four percent of   global gdp in 2018 according to world bank figures  although it may account for more than 25 of gdp   in some underdeveloped nations agribusiness or  agricultural business refers to the manufacture   and sale of agricultural products such as farm  equipment and supplies machineries and other   farm-related services in addition to real farm  activities agriculture businesses are known for   their resiliency and low failure rates these can  include a wide range of businesses including farms   and a variety of associated businesses agriculture  firms have a phenomenal success rate of 88   if you have a green thumb and an interest in  farming or other agriculture related industries   this might be the right opportunity for you  the last but not least business on our list is   the dump truck business i bet you weren’t  expecting this but hear a sound the mining   business according to small biz trends has the  highest survival rate of all industries with a   51.3 score starting a mining business is difficult  and requires a large sum of money however there

is   a brilliant little backdoor approach to profit on  the mining industry’s stability of course if you   live near a mine there will always be a demand for  dump trucks to transport coal or other commodities   recovered from the mine the best part is that  starting a mining business does not require   millions of dollars an old dump truck can be  purchased for as low as fifteen thousand dollars   the dump truck business is expanding rapidly  which means there are more driving opportunities   available indeed the dump truck service industry  in the united states is projected to reach 20.64   billion dollars by 2025 and that’s just for  large-scale mining and construction operations   there has never been a better moment to start a  dump truck company than now it’s a different story   when it comes to running a dump truck business  companies offering their own dump truck services   or outsourcing fleet labor creates a need that  provides significant opportunities for individuals   just entering into the space whether it’s  corporate or private delivery dump trucks   are very

adaptable allowing you to operate  in a variety of industries other than mining   even if you don’t live near a mine construction  firms landscapers real estate flippers and even   residential property owners who need to dispose  of significant volumes of trash may want your   services and with that said i’ll leave you with  this a business that solves problems will never   go out of market if you’re an entrepreneur  or planning to start a business soon look   for a problem that others are having and try to  address it make your company transparent recruit   the proper people and maintain a high level of  ethics and if you do that success is inevitable   so thank you so much for watching and let  me know your thoughts and if you enjoyed   this video you should check this one out 2022  business models you can start with no money

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