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This is by far the easiest system for brand-new beginners to make their first $500 online while letting others do all the work for them. You aren’t getting paid per day; you’re not getting paid per hour; but rather, you’re getting paid per minute. Yes, that’s right, every single minute, you’ll receive your earnings and your payout. It happens quickly and doesn’t involve any social media, selling, boring surveys, or difficult technical skills. This opportunity is open to everyone, everywhere in the world, and it is 100 % free. Don’t miss out on the bonus tip I’ll reveal at the very end, which will take care of

everything for you and only require you to copy and paste in order to begin earning money. Let’s start with the video. Now I want you to visit skillshare.com, where users can search for multiple online workshops, video training, and courses to learn about different topics or acquire new abilities. There are a ton of different classes that people can join in and view different videos on this platform, so individuals can come here to learn things like animation, graphic design, music, or photography. You might be wondering how to monetize this website, but don’t worry, that’s exactly what we’re going to do next. When you visit this website’s home page, I want you to scroll all the way down, where you’ll see “become a teacher” under the “teaching”

section. I want you to click on that, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can create a free account to become a teacher and start posting videos on this website. You won’t need to create any videos or appear in front of the camera because I’ll show you a special trick on how to get everything ready in advance so that you can upload your videos immediately. This will be much simpler than you might think, and I’ll walk you through it all step-by-step in this video so you can start earning money right away. This is how teaching on

skillshare.com works: you have to create your first class, upload videos, and then whenever people join and watch the video, you can start earning money on this website, and they’re going to pay you every minute. There are a lot of people who are making up to $10,000 a year on this website by just uploading videos. Looking at the section headed “How can I actually earn money on skillshare.com? In addition to a referral payment, you can make money by receiving monthly royalties based on how long people watch your videos. I want you to watch this video all the way through because I’ll teach you a bonus method to earn even more cash by referring others to this website, and after that, you can create two reliable passive income streams. Income stream number one: You can earn money every minute on this website by just uploading videos and getting viewers to watch them. You can do this around the clock, seven days a week with no limit. Income stream number two: Using this method, you may earn huge commissions and referral bonuses in complete autopilot. Now all you have to do is just click on this green “start a class” button to proceed to the page where you can actually upload videos to skillshare.com and start making money from

people watching your videos. When you click the “upload videos” option, you can upload a video to this website. Don’t worry, though; I’ll soon show you where to find free videos and how to edit them so you can copy, paste, and re-upload them here on Skillshare. Now I’ll show you a few examples. Click the “browse” button at the top, select the graphic design category, and you’ll be taken to the page for graphic design. The thing I like about Skillshare is that all you have to do is simply upload the videos, and millions of users visit Skillshare every single day looking for videos and classes to watch and learn about new skills. By using this amazing technique, you can take advantage of this go-buying opportunity and be the one to earn money online, like in the case of this video playlist that this user published, where you can see that there are lots of videos contained within a single playlist. All of

them are actually quite simple and short videos, so you can publish them to skillshare.com and get paid each time someone clicks “play” and watches the video. As I’m recording this video, over 171 students are currently watching it. This means that this person is actually making money by allowing people to watch the videos that he uploaded on Skillshare. This is a great opportunity for you to make passive income because once you copy and paste the video on here, people from all over the world will naturally find your videos on Skillshare without you advertising those videos. Allow skillshare to handle all of the work and promotion for you so that others can find and watch your videos on the website. You can earn money even when you’re sleeping, traveling, or working on anything else. Isn’t that awesome? Now, let’s begin earning money with skillshare.com.

Now the next thing I want you to do is head over to renderforest.com. This is where we’re going to get videos for free so that we can upload them to skillshare.com. This is a very reputable company where you can come in and create logos, videos, a mock-up, and websites, but we want to focus on creating videos, so all you have to do is head over here and click on “create videos”. The reason I like Renderforest so much is that you can get a lot of this video template completely done-for-you for, and there are a ton of alternatives and choices that you can choose from. As you can see here, they are all extremely professional and done-for-you. You only need to press a few buttons to access all of these videos for free, and you can carry out all of these actions on either your computer or your mobile device. Now, this is my recommendation for you to select this “whiteboard animation toolkit” because it is very suitable to be uploaded on skillshare.com as a training course and a lot of people actually like whiteboard learning.

All you have to do is click on this right here to go to this page, which is whiteboard animation toolkits. As you can see, there are over 1138 ratings and over 4.45 stars out of 5 for this whiteboard tutorial video template. I just want to give you a quick demonstration of what it looks like; it is a whiteboard template for a tutorial video that teaches people a new skill set; it is actually very understandable; it is very professional; and you can use all of these done-for-your template. You can see different videos that other people have made using this template as you scroll down below; they are all totally done for you. You can accomplish the same task on this website by simply clicking on a few buttons, as I’ll demonstrate to you right now, without any prior technical knowledge or experience. Now all you have to do is go ahead and click on this “create” button. When you do, you’ll be sent to a screen where you can

make a new video. Importantly, there are three options available here. I want you to click on this to load a preset option so you can select a done-for-you storyline. After selecting this load a preset option, simply click the “create” button. There are a ton of ready-made stories, templates, and tutorial videos that you can just get everything done-for-you on this website, including web development, cloud databases, real estate, and social media. There are also a huge number of training videos you can get for free on renderforest.com and use on skillshare.com, and by doing so, you can start making a lot of money online, similar to what these people are doing right now. For example, if you want to create a video on “online education platform promotion,” all you have to do is go to this video and click on it. They will then show you a preview of this video template; if not, you can just go to this video and click on the blue “use ready story” button. After that, a new page will appear where you can make changes to this video, but keep in mind that everything on this website has already been done-for-you in terms of the storylines and timelines. If you want to change anything, you can simply click on this add text to make the necessary changes. Once you click on that, it’ll change the video itself. It’s actually pretty simple for you to change the text right here, and once they’ve finished changing the text of each video, you can simply go and click on the style to move on to the next phase. You have the option to select either a board-drawn or cut-paper style right here. Both of these styles are good, but personally, I choose the board-drawn option. I will then click on the third step, where I have to select the colors. I can actually choose any color I want, and once I’ve chosen it, all I have to do is click the confirm button, and

they’ll change the color for me. It’s so easy to use because all you have to do is click a few buttons, and the rest is pretty much taken care of for you. Once you’ve chosen your colors, move on to step number four, where you can choose a music. Again, this is all done for you; they’ve already chosen the corporate motivation music here, but you can also find hundreds of other music in various categories, such as rock music, cinematic music, corporate music, and more. You can choose whatever you like, and you can simply click on the preview button to hear the background music. Since I prefer corporate motivation in this instance, I can simply go and click the preview button, which is the last step. You can accomplish this with a free preview; there is absolutely no cost associated with using this website; you can download this video for free at

renderforest.com. You can also apply the same method to different themes, videos, and even different storylines to create different tutorial videos, which you can then publish to skillshare.com. That will enable you to receive payment each time a user clicks “play” and watches a video on Skillshare. This is an excellent passive income generation strategy for users worldwide. And that’s it. If you love similar content like this, take a look at my other videos and if you like it,

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